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20 Sep 2015

The Interface For AutoCAD In 2009 the AutoCAD interface had an exceptional change when it was modified for Windows 7 users so they would find it more familiar, although functionality remained basically the same. The six main elements to the interface of the AutoCAD 2D are: The Pull-Down Menus, The Drawing Window, the Command Window, The Status Bar, The Toolbars Window, and The Palette Windows. In 2010 The AutoCAD for the Mac was released with functionality identical to Windows version, yet in 2014 the interface for the Mac is still the same as the pre -2009 PC layout. The Drawing Window is where all of the geometry is created. It should be noted that the X and the Y axes are at the bottom right of the screen. 

A Z axis is available, but it is not in use when the AutoCAD 2D model is working as we are in two dimensions. The background screen color is black, which is easier on the eye when a person is working on drafting for hours each day. The color can be changed, however by using the tool bar in Tools and by exercising the commands in that area. The bottom left of the screen shows Model and Layouts 1 and 2. All of the geometry is created in the Model Space; the layouts pertain to the area where the printing commands are stated. Next is we will cover the topics of scaling, adding text, dimensions and printing of drawings. 

Coordinates Display The coordinates of the crosshairs cursor are displayed on the bottom left on the Status Bar. This displays the X, Y, and Z cursor at the current location that is relative to the absolute 0,0,0 origin point. The coordinates will also appear by using the (DYN) button to show them at the crosshairs tooltip. The AutoCAD 3D function will show the Z axis, but when we are working with AutoCAD 2D, we only have the X and the Y axis with which to work since we are not working in the 3D mode. 

The Status Bar The Status Bar is the line at the bottom of the screen that illustrates some of the more finite work functions that can be switched on and off. The snap, the grid and the ortho function are some of them. Grid, and Snap to Grid gets things lined up as well as many other common functions to have projects take shape and be easier to design. Once the designer becomes adept at the process, the work becomes more automatic and tasks become easier.

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